Saturday, July 21, 2012


Derek and Kristen decided to take out the jet ski and kneeboard.  They were out on the lake for awhile when we saw Derek wipe out.  It was actually kind of funny.  When he got up and came in, we noticed he was bleeding above his right eye.  Apparently when he went down the board came up and hit him in the eye.  He had a pretty bad cut and if he had gone to the ER, he probably would have ended up with stitches.  He didn't want to do that so Jan patched him up.  It worked too.  All he has now is a scar!

The Farm

After we left the Peace Gardens we stopped by Derek's Grandma & Grandpa Korsmoe's farm for the night.  We hadn't seen them for two years so it was nice to spend some time there.  Annika was very interested in the horses, as long as we stayed far away.  She really wanted to see them, but not touch them.  I'm not used to being around horses either but these horses were so sweet!  It was a nice relaxing visit and hopefully we can get back up there after the baby is born.

Peace Gardens

Since we were only about 20 minutes from the Peace Gardens, which sits on the boarder of the United States & Canada, we decided to go visit.  Unfortunately, it started raining about 30 minutes after we got there so our visit was rushed, but it was still very beautiful. 

The chapel
Inside the chapel.

Looking down on the boarder of The United States &
Canada.  If you look closely you can see both
 countries flags. 

The Peace Tower


The color the Berg family had for the pictures were white.  So, Jan ordered cute white shirts for everyone, but we couldn't get one small enough for Annika.  So, we ordered a bigger shirt and my wonderfully creative friend Jody made Annika this cute dress.  It turned out perfect!


Since almost everyone in the family was at the Lake, we took that opportunity to take family pictures.  Each family had a color and then everyone in that family wore that color for the picture.  I loved it because it was so easy to tell which person went with which family.  When you have this many people, sometimes that gets difficult!  Here are a few from that day that were fun.
Jan, her siblings, and her parents.
Jan and her siblings. 
The whole family minus about 5 people.

Lake Fun

While at the lake Annika got a chance to play a lot in the water.  I thought she wouldn't want to be in and swim around.  I was 100% wrong.  She LOVED it.  She got right in the first day and stayed in until we left.  She really loved the sand and playing in that.  The only thing she wasn't fond of were the waves, which got to be a bit much for her when the boats were close.  She even got some great jumps off the dock in with her Aunt Kristen.  

60th Anniversary

 Derek's grandparents, Jan's mom and dad, recently celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  60 years!  It's pretty amazing.  They have 10 children, 30 grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren.  We all met at Lake Metigoshe for the weekend to celebrate.  It was a weekend of swimming, boats, skiing, eating, playing, and fun.  It was such a good time to be around this wonderful family.  Annika had a blast, and even did great during a 13 hour drive.  

 Johnny & Marilyn dancing at their party.
Annika dancing with her cousin.  She loved her!

Jan and Greg with their grandkids.

Tickling Dan!

Bath in the sink.  Way easier than the shower!
Annika with her great-grandparents