Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long Trip Home

After a great few days it was time to head home. I was looking forward to being home, but not to the long drive. We decided to split it up and go half one day and half the next. The first picture is at the mall in Fargo where we stopped to walk around for a bit. They did the parade of buffaloes and had one at the mall. Annika thought this was fun.

So, about five minutes outside of Fargo we needed to stop to change Annika. And yes, we did change her before we left. If you have ever been to the Dakotas you know there are not a lot of places to stop to change a diaper.

Playing in the hotel room.

Sitting in a high chair!

Annika loves being in the high chair, as long as someone is playing with her!

Devils Lake Continued

The reception was right on the lake and everything was so beautiful. We were able to get some really fun pictures.

Devils Lake

Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Conway for the first time.

Snuggling with Great Grandpa Conway.

Hanging out with Dan at the lake.

Swimming in the lake with Derek.

Papa was being silly!

Sitting still long enough to get a picture with Grandma and Papa.

Trying to get Annika to smile at the camera!

Great picture.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stop #1

We stopped to eat lunch on the way to Grand Forks.

Meeting Grandma Korsmoe for the first time. I think they will be great friends.

Annika has learned to sit up all by herself. Now if we could just get her to look at the camera instead of the grass!

Meeting the horses with Grandma Korsmoe.

Her frist ride on a horse!

Friday, July 9, 2010

On the road!

Derek's cousin Lori is getting married in North Dakota this weekend so on Wednesday we began the 10 plus hour drive. We decided to take our time and split the drive up so here are a few pictures of the first leg of the drive.

Playing on the equipiment at the park.

In front of the Dakota Dome in Vermillion, SD where Derek swam in college.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Tutu

My cousin Scott's wife Danielle made Annika the cutest tutu and onesie and sent it to us. We got it today and Derek thought he would be funny and play around instead of getting Annika ready for bed. She didn't seem to mind a bit!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Swinging at the Park

When we were at the park there was a baby swing. We had never put her in one before so we decided to try it. At first she wasn't quite sure, as you can see by the second picture. But after a couple of swings she loved it! She kept laughing and kicking her legs. These are just a few of the pictures we were able to get.