Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Sleepy

Annika usually doesn't nap after I pick her up from Colleens, so I was a little surprised to look over one afternoon and see this.

It was just too much for her and she fell fast asleep!

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm a little behind on posting but I wanted to share what Annika got for Valentine's Day this year. We found this cute shirt and this super cute plate and thought Annika would love both. Well, we loved them so that's why we bought them! We also got Valentine's to hand out. Annika signed each and every one, with a little help from her Dad. I didn't get a picture of her in her shirt, but I promise, she was cute!

An Artist in the Making?

Annika came home the other day from Colleen's with marker all over her. I mean ALL over her. On her hands. On her legs. On her shirt. It was great. It was even better when I saw the pictures Colleen took and the beautiful piece of artwork Annika created.

Monday, February 21, 2011

State Champs!

This season the boys worked so hard, they swam extremely well, going undefeated in duel meets, winning the Eastern Kansas League Championships, and then capping it off by becoming the Kansas 6A State Champions! The seniors this year were my first Freshman class when I started coaching at North, and the kids have worked long and hard over the last few years, trusting in what we are doing, and have helped build such a good group of kids and a strong team. I am so proud and humbled by their efforts and so excited to be part of such a great accomplishment.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loving Peanut Butter

Annika LOVES peanut butter sandwiches. She doesn't like us to break up the sandwich into really small pieces anymore. She prefers to bite her food, and since she has quite a few teeth it usually isn't a problem. But this night she decided not to bite the bread and just stick it all in her mouth. Me being the good mom decided to go for the camera instead of trying to teach her manners. Oh well, we have lots of time for manners later!

Little Monkey Business

Since we are on our 3rd snow day this week we were all going a little crazy. So off to Little Monkey Business we went! We met some friends there and had a blast. Annika could climb away and run around as much as she wanted. I am so glad we went and I can't wait to go back!

Teeth and More Climbing!

Annika has gotten about 6 new teeth since Christmas and these pictures show them perfectly! You can also see that the climbing just doesn't stop!

Our Little Climber

Annika is a climber. Anything she can get up on, she will try. It doesn't matter how high off the ground it is, she will try. She moved this toy over to the chair just to climb onto the chair. Luckily we noticed what she was doing. Derek thinks this is great fun. Me? Not so much.