Monday, June 11, 2012

Park, Again!

 We decided to head to the park one afternoon and I was able to get some fun shots. 

New Pool

 After watching Annika in her pool, we agreed that she did need something bigger.  We got a really fun little pool that Annika loves.  But, before she could play in it, we had to blow it up.  Of course, she had to help!


As soon as the weather was warm enough we pulled out Annika's pool for her to play in.  She decided to put her slide in to add some extra fun.  She also decided that her pool was, "too small" and she needed a bigger one.  Even though it was a little small, she still had fun swimming.  

Sleepy Girl

One Saturday we were busy and Annika didn't get a nap.  So, this is what we found about 6:45 that night. Completely out.  She didn't even wake up when we changed her clothes.  It was pretty sweet.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


A couple weeks ago we went out for yogurt at a new place by our house.  Annika got to pick out her yogurt, which actually tastes like ice cream, then she got to pick out what she wanted on top.  She was so excited to eat that she had to have two spoons!