Sunday, August 16, 2015


Annika started kindergarten on Friday.  I am still asking myself how this happened!  On Monday they have sneak-a-peek and then a pool party and this was very overwhelming for her.  So she spend the better part of the week feeling anxious and crying, but once Friday came she was all smiles and very excited!  She gets to come to my school with me this year and I loved getting to see her during the day!  Derek and I both got to take her to her class in the morning and she did great.  She had a few tears but was more than okay after a few minutes! She had a great day and said lunch and recess were her favorite!  

Asher was sad she wasn't going to daycare with her.

Annika and Principal Combs

Vacation Stop #3

After the wedding, we spent the morning swimming in the hotel pool, then headed over to Grandma Berg's new apartment.  We sat and visited for a while, we haven't had a chance to see them since they moved back to ND.  The timing didn't work out for us to visit Grandpa until the next day, but thankfully when we did go back the next day, he was having a good day and we were able to have a nice visit with the two of them. 

Vacation Stop #2

This year marked my 20th Reunion.  Since Monica hasn't been to Bemidji, and it's been a long time since the I've had a chance to hang out with many of the people I grew up with, we decided to go to the festivities.  So after a day of driving and a day of rest, we loaded up and drove from Grand Forks to Bemidji, while my mom took the kids with her to Devils Lake.  It was fun and interesting to see what had changed and what hasn't.  It was also fun to catch up with old friends.  When the kids get older, we'll have to bore them with trips to Paul and Babe :)