Sunday, September 29, 2013


Annika & Zeke

Annika was pretty much attached to Zeke's side the entire time we were at my sisters.  He was so great to do just about anything she wanted, whenever she wanted to do it.  I don't think he told her no once all weekend, and as you can tell, she adores him.

Well, We Tried

Getting a picture of all the cousins together was not exactaly a success.  At least in the last one everyone is smiling and looking at a camera.  Just not all the same camera!

Grandma Glenda

 We headed down to my moms earlier this month and before we left I wanted to try and get a good picture of her with the kids.  Surprisingly, it was pretty simple and the pictures turned out great!

One Perfect Morning

We woke up pretty early one morning and decided to grab some coffee and doughnuts and head to the park.  The weather was beautiful and the park was empty.  Annika didn't even want to get out of her pajamas.  It was a perfect morning.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

11 Month Pictures

He's getting big, fast.  Here are his 11 month pictures.  As usual, he moves so much now, that it was hard to get one shot of him sitting still, even for a second, but not for lack of trying :)
It has been pretty amazing the amount of changes that have happened this month.  He is turning over from formula to just milk, he is eating way pretty much anything that we put in front of him, and he is getting more and more steady on his feet, he's able to walk for about 3 or 4 steps, so he's ready to take off.  We finally decided to train him to sleep through the night, and while it was tough for a night or two, he got it down and is a rock star now.  We were dumb for not doing it this summer when we didn't actually have anything to get up for, but oh well, things are good now.


Here are some great random shots of all of us playing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Swim Lessons

We decided to enroll Annika in swim lessons.  We figured she would listen to a teacher better than she would to Derek.  And we were right.  I think the biggest thing she took from the lessons was the confidence to be in the water and be safe.  After her lessons, she took off and really hasn't looked back. She loves the water and wanted to be in it every chance she got.

Visit #2

Janet came to vist for a few days and this was also great.  I didn't get my camera out too much, which I regret now.  But, it was very nice getting to spend time with her and having her meet Asher.  Annika loved being around Great Grandma and crowing with her!  Peter Pan has now become a favorite of Annika's and she crows.  A lot.