Friday, October 30, 2015

Asher's Birthday

For Ashers birthday, he wanted Frozen and Star Wars.  For his party at Pams, we got Frozen cookies. They turned out pretty good and he loved the look.  On Saturday afternoon, we took advantage of the nice weather and held his party outside at the park down the road.  Star Wars was the theme for that day.  He had a blast at both parties.

Royals Game

Olathe East chose a Royals game to do a Staff Night.  We met up for some tailgating and hang out with other teachers and their families.  One of the families on my summer league team works for Kaufmann Stadium, so we were able to take advantage of free tickets and took the kids to their first Royals game!  The seats were amazing, and the kids loved it.  Annika found her new favorite player, Mike Moustakas, enjoying the Moooose!  call every time he came up to bat.  At about the 4th inning, we went out to the kids play area in the outfield, were we met up with one of Annika's best friends, Beckett.

Getting ready for the game.

Had enough.

Waiting to hit the ball with Beckett!
Got to run the bases at the Little K!

A Day Off

Our new baby-sitter, Pam, had a day off, so we had to stay home with Asher.  We decided to take advantage of the situation and the day was beautiful, so Monica and Annika also took the day off and we headed to the Pumpkin Patch.  Since we went on a Thursday morning we pretty much had the run of the place.  The kids loved playing in the field, running the hay bale maze, and riding on the trailer.
After the pumpkin patch, we headed to the Legends shopping area, where we ate lunch and then played skee-ball and video games at Dave and Busters.  

I'll hold your hand so I'll be careful, Daddy.
Air Hockey!

Fun presents with skeeball tickets.

How Tall This Fall - 2015

One of my favorite posts of the year.  I love going back and seeing how big they are getting.  It's hard to imagine either of them being so small and I'm so glad we have these pictures.




Sunday, October 25, 2015


Our girl loves being athletic.  She loves to play.  She loves to run.  New things are hard for her.  So when we found out that there was a kindergarten girls soccer team at her school, we asked Annika if she wanted to play.  At first she said no, but then said that she wanted to, so we signed her up.  Practice went well, she started off a bit shy, but it went well.  We forgot our lesson from swimming this summer, and put her in in the first game, there were tears, but she ended up going back in the game with a smile just before the end.  Since then, she loved it and hasn't looked back.  And it's been amazing watching her have fun and work on her skills.  It helped her, and us, make new friends.  Overall, a very successful season.