Saturday, June 28, 2014

Date Night #6

For the Month of June Date Night, we signed up for the Scavenger Dash, a photo scavenger hunt held in downtown KC.  We had 12 clues that we had to solve, then run or walk to that location and take a picture or perform a challenge.  It was a lot of fun, a lot of walking, and some great time together.

Monday, June 16, 2014


When the kids nap we don't let them stay in the same room.  They either don't sleep at all, or one wakes the other up too early.  So Annika ends up in our room and Asher stays in their room.  On this day Asher was not having anything to do with napping.  We heard him up and playing, which he has done before, but we were not expecting the mess we saw when we opened the door.  Derek wasn't super happy but I thought it was hysterical!  Annika was so excited because she could write her name in the mess!  I guess we will be more careful about leaving baby powder out from now on!


Since Derek and my birthdays are right next to each other we usually celebrate at the same time.  This year we couldn't decide on one cake so we made two!  I made Derek a Coke Cake and he made me a Boston Creme Poke Cake.  Both were delicious and both didn't last long!  On my birthday we got Asher a much needed haircut and then headed to Jan and Greg's for dinner.  They were nice enough to watch the kids for the evening so we could go to a movie and get a full night sleep!  On Derek's birthday we both had to work and then it rained, so we decided to go outside and play.  We were all soaked, and it was very cold, but we had a blast.