Sunday, March 25, 2012

Park, Round 2

On yet another beautiful day, we headed to the park.  We had never to been to this one so everything was new.  Annika had to climb up the equipment all by herself and was very proud when she made it to the top.  I think this park is my favorite so far.  It had great things to play on and the area was beautiful!  Even better that it is walking distance from our house!  I'm so very ready for summer so we can spend a lot of time there!

Reading & Relaxing

When Annika is playing with her toys, Derek and I will often sit and read.  I usually put my feet on Derek's lap just to be comfortable.  On this day, I went inside to do something and when I came back out, this is what I found.  Pretty cute.

Outside Fun

Over spring break we spend a ton of time in our backyard.  Annika would rather be outside than inside and the weather was perfect for this.  I finally got my new camera and had some fun playing around with it.  It's great to get some shots of her playing and them not be blurry!  

New Look

Annika's new look.  She will give this to us when we are asking her to do something she doesn't want to do.  It makes us laugh so it really isn't effective for her.  I'm sure as she gets older it won't be quite so funny.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


We took Annika to Kaleidoscope to play on Wednesday.  This is such a great place.  The kids can explore, play, and create.  Annika didn't do much creating.  She was way to busy moving from station to station.  Fun day.

Park, Round 1

The weather was so perfect over this past week, and we did a lot to enjoy it.  This is our first trip to the park.  Annika and I met my friend Anna and her sweet Adeline at the park close to our house.  Adeline is just learning to walk, so she was more interested in walking all around the park.  Annika, on the other hand, wanted to be on the equipment, or climbing on the rocks.  It was a lovely afternoon.