Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Date

May is so busy for us, with the end of the year school stuff, Girls EKL and State, Graduation, etc,  our Date Night was a little more simple and subdued.  We went out to Legends and went shopping for some shoes and clothes.  Since we had a gift card, we went over to Chili's for dinner.  We hadn't been in so long, and it was interesting, they had these touch screens on the table that we could order from, play games (if we paid a small fee) and eventually, pay our bill.  Regardless, it was a nice meal, but as we sat and ate, dark clouds started rolling in.  Since the original date idea had been to get dinner and hang out outside on picnic/hiking, we had to switch gears and went to see the Avengers.  While we were inside the theater, the wind picked up, the rain started coming down harder, and we were under a Flash Flood warning.  It was the beginning of May, and just the start of a major rainy season.  Luckily, it let up do just a drizzle long enough for us to get to our car, getting just a little damp.  Then, the sky opened up and dumped on us, just as we got to our car.  Unfortunately, it didn't let up this time, and so I began the long crawl home, barely able to see, having to slow down for the majority of the drive, what should have taken us 20 minutes to get home, took over an hour.  The date, fun, the drive, not so much.

April Date Night

This is a little late, but finally, our April Date Night we ended up doing a tour of Kansas City: Suburbia.  We started out by having lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant and then decided to blow some money at the Hollywood Casino at the Legends, since neither of us had been there since it opened a few years ago.Since we didn't have kids, or any hard plans, we wanted to try something new for dinner, so we drove up to Zona Rosa, a shopping district in North Kansas City and went to Bar Louie, a famous bar and grill in the area that we haven't taken the time to go.  Food was very good, and worth the trip. For dessert, we heard about this gourmet ice cream shop named Glace.  It was started by a chocolatier who is famous in KC, and known for interested flavor combinations, and that trend was used with the ice cream flavors.  On paper, they sound sketchy: Goat cheese and cream, pineapple and cilantro sorbet, cucumber and lime, honey and lavender, peanut butter and jelly.  But in practice, most were absolutely incredible!  Thankfully, they are very accommodating to tasting, so we tried everything, and of the 12-15 flavors, there were only one or two that we didn't like, but we also decided to go with flavors we wouldn't normally be able to get from Baskin Robbins or Sheridans.
We ended up driving something like 60+ miles, but everywhere we went was well worth the trip, so it was definitely memorable.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Penguin Park

We decided to take the kids to a new park in the area, called the Penguin Park.  In all our time in KC, we had not taken the kids, but as you can see in the pictures, they loved it.  It was nice being able to enjoy the sun and time with the kids, grabbing coffee and playing at the park.


Easter this year was a beautiful weekend.  The kids had a blast finding the eggs, especially since they are both old enough to run and understand what that means.  Dad was up from Texas for the weekend, so they got to spend some great time with Papa. 

It was hard to get both to sit still, but they finally did, and gave us big smiles.

The Berg grandkids.

Reading with Ashton.
Climbing trees!
Pretty great pic of them.