Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer Part 2

Towards the end of summer we headed down to visit my sister and my mom.  Annika had a blast playing with all of Zeke and Dagan's toys.  Especially the skateboard.  Zeke also has hamsters and Annika thought they were pretty fun.  I'm pretty sure she would have loved to bring one home.  Matt was in agreement with this too.  Me, not so much.  So for now, they will stay with Zeke and we will just visit.  After hanging with my family, we headed off to the lake with some friends.  We didn't stay long but we had a great time.  I hope we can do it again next summer, when I'm not pregnant and it isn't so hot.  

Annika loved playing on the skateboard.  I'm sure we should get her one.  But we probably won't.  Just another reason to go visit Aunt Jacque and family.

Watching the Olympics.  

Playing with Zeke.  They had a great time together during the weekend.

This is at my mom's house.  We were in the kitchen and Annika was watching cartoons in the bedroom.  Derek went to check on her and this is what he found.  She isn't up super high, which is why we got the camera before getting her down, but after the photo shoot, we did put her on the floor and told her not to do it again.  

Playing at the lake.  She liked getting pulled around in the "boats."  

I don't remember what we had done this day, but I do know she didn't have a nap.  It was also around 6:30 and she stayed that way until I put her to bed around 7:00.  

As hard as it was to go back to work and leave Annika with a new daycare, I'm looking forward to the next few months.  Annika loves all her new friends at daycare, my school year is going well, as is Derek's, and everyday we get closer to welcoming our little guy home.  I love summer, but this will be a great fall!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of Summer Part 1

Now that school has started, I have found it more difficult to get pictures uploaded all the time.  So, I thought I would post a few from the past month or so.  We had a great end to the summer and I am certainly ready for fall to arrive.  Not only for the cooler weather, but that also means the baby will be here!  I know Annika will miss swimming everyday but she loves her new "school" so much I don't think she will mind too much! 

Annika went to a couple of swim practices with Derek towards the end of summer.  On this lucky day she got to have doughnuts as a treat.  Swimming and doughnuts makes a pretty great day!

We potty trained Annika over the course of 3 days towards the end of July.  While those days at home were very, very long, it was also very successful.  I'm so glad we chose to use this program as opposed to something else.  Annika took to it very quickly and LOVED her new underwear.  She only wanted to wear it and no pants.  So while letting your child play in the front yard in their underwear is a little (or a lot) white trash, she looks pretty cute pushing her baby stroller and wearing her tennis shoes.

Playing a video game with Ashton.  Ashton is a good sport.

Just hanging out watching TV.  Probably watching Dora.

I love when kids "hide".  Here she is hiding from us.  I wonder when she will realize that we can totally see her.  I hope not too soon.  

Playing around at Derek's pool.