Sunday, May 22, 2011

Annika & Beckett

I am very lucky to have great friends. I am even more lucky to have great friends with children around the same age as Annika. I have always wanted this and it is so much fun to see them all play together. One of my friends is Nicole and her son Beckett. He is only 4 months older than Annika and they are super cute together. This past Friday we went to Gymboree together and they had a great time. On the way to the cars they found a puddle and decided they needed to play in it for awhile. I'm not sure who had more fun. The kids, or the adults watching them play.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day

For the second year in a row Annika and I participated in the Mother's Day 5K Walk. Jan joined us and we had a great time. Annika had such a good time, she fell fast asleep! Overall the day was perfect!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Silly Girl

Our silly, fun girl loves her hats, or anything that she can put on her head to make into a hat. I walked around the corner last week and she was playing with her dollhouse and had a washcloth on her head. I'm not really sure why, but she stayed that way for awhile. Until she found Derek's stocking cap. She put it on and wore it around for about an hour. The stickers on her shirt are from my school. She kept bring them to us to put them on her. I think there were around ten stickers all over her. Like I said, our silly, fun girl!


Annika LOVES to play outside. I think she would be out there all day, every day if we would let her. We have been very fortunate with people giving us things for Annika. We have received a lot of toys for outside and Annika is so happy.


Annika got some bubbles for Easter and we decided to try them out on Saturday. She loved watching the bubbles in the air and trying to catch them.