Saturday, March 29, 2014

Date Night #3

As you can see, this date was a breakfast and lunch date.  Mom and Dad came and got the kids early on Sunday morning and took them for the day and night.  When they left, Monica and I had planned on getting some breakfast and coffee and go to a park.  The weather did not cooperate.  We decided to find a place we had never been that was near to our next destination and ended up down by the City Market.  The coffee shop is called the Opera House, and it was a cool, laid back place with good coffee and a great grill.  After eating, we had an hour to kill, and they had this big comfy couch in the corner, so we did something completely us, we refilled our coffee mugs, grabbed our books, and settled in next to each other.

Our next destination that morning was a tour of Boulevard Brewing company.  This local brewery makes a great craft beer that we both like, and in all the time we have been in KC, we had not been down there.  The tour starts off with a glass of Irish Red Ale, took us through the process, ending with 3 beers to try their various flavors. I thought it was very cool for the geek side of me as a Chem teacher, Monica thought of it as a long walk between good beer. 

After the tour, we went to haus, a german brat joint that ended up being more Hipster than schnitzel, but the food was Awesome!  The brat was apple and rabbit, covered in home made saur kraut with a side of hot german potato salad.  Overall, a pretty great date that Monica planned.

St. Patrick's Day

 On the first Saturday of spring break we headed down to the Brookside St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The weather was perfect and Annika was super excited.  The crowds kind of took over the roads and luckily we ran into a friend who helped Annika with getting candy.  By the time we left, Annika's hat was completely full!  Because of the crowds, Asher really couldn't see, but he didn't seem to mind.  He enjoyed just walking around and eating the candy.