Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Derek participated in the Shawnee Mission Triathlon a few weeks ago and he did great! This was his second time competing in this race and he dropped 10 minutes from his previous time. Annika and I went to cheer him on and enjoyed ourselves even though the weather was hot! Derek did great and I am very proud of him!

Annika and Derek before the race. I'm sure she is thinking, why are we up so early and what are all of these people doing?

Not super impressed with what she is seeing. Luckily this is actually before the race began!
Derek is in the middle of all of those swimmers.
He came out of the water third in his group. The swim was 500 meters.
The start of the bike ride. This was 9 1/2 miles.
Did I mention how hilly the ride is?
Still not impressed but happy because she has a snack!
Towards the end of the run. He is running up towards the finish line. The run was 2.3 miles.
Almost there!

After the race. Annika didn't really care about seeing Derek, she just wanted to play with his medal.
Annika has had enough and is ready to go home!

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