Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Sitter

Many of you know that I really do not handle change very well. As a matter of fact, I hate change. So when we learned that Colleen would not be watching Annika again this year I was devastated. Not just because of how much I like Colleen, because that was just a tiny part of it. It's pretty simple. Colleen is wonderful. She was the perfect person to watch Annika when I went back to work. The peace that you get when you can leave your child somewhere and never, not once, wonder if they are okay is an amazing feeling. That is how I felt everyday when we dropped Annika off with Colleen. I knew that Annika was not only well taken care of but she was loved. Not just by Colleen either. The whole family loved Annika. And Annika loved them. There were many mornings that I didn't get a second glance when I was leaving because Annika was too busy trying to find Brigit so they could play before she had to go to school. I loved picking her up and seeing her in the stroller with all of the kids surrounding her. She certainly loves being the center of attention! All summer I was pretty stressed about leaving Annika with a new person. I knew this person would be fine, but would she be great? I thought it would be fine, but there was so much unknown that made me uneasy. I was all prepared for Annika to kick and scream and cling to me begging me to not leave her on that first day. Yeah, not so much. Annika was fine. Happy even. She immediately found the dolls and was instantly happy. I think it helped that her friend Beckett was there too. I was so relieved walking out to the car that I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. Everything is fine. More than fine. Cyndi is great and Annika loves her. That being said, if Colleen were to call right now, Annika would be back the next day! Colleen, thank you for being a second mom to my kid. I love you for loving my child like your own. Thank you for opening your house, your heart, and your family to my little family. You will forever have a place in our hearts. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart. Brigit, Thomas, Jackson, and Dailey, thank you for welcoming Annika into your home and treating her like your little sister.

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