Thursday, February 7, 2013


Asher started not feeling well about a week ago.  He was exposed to RSV at daycare and because of that, our doctor's nurse wanted him to be seen.  Our doctor had already left for the day but we were able to get an appointment with a different doctor.  So, off we went and found he just had a cold.  Good news, right?  Well, after a couple days of no daycare, he was still feeling horrible and really not acting like himself.  On Friday night we ended up at Urgent Care with the thought he might be dehydrated.  Nope, just a cold.  Everything looked fine.  Over the weekend he started throwing up.  So, on Monday, I called the doctor again.  Our doctor is out of the office on Mondays and the nurse I talked to said he just had a virus and it needed to run its course.  The throwing up continued so Tuesday morning Derek took him into our doctor, thank goodness.  His lungs sounded bad, his oxygen was low, and he had Bronchiolitis.  Not great, but at least we know what's wrong.  Now we have breathing treatments for 10 days to help him feel better.  He looks so sad with the mask on, but I think he kind of likes it.  He doesn't fight us and it really helps.  Three days down.  Seven to go!

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