Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Months

Asher is 5 months.  He is such a happy baby.  Only cries when he is really hungry.  Other than that he is pretty content to just be around us.  He loves to sit in his chair and watch Annika play.  Especially if she is playing with Derek.  That is his favorite.  I usually dread taking these monthly pictures.  But, Asher is such a smily baby this time it was so easy!  He is pretty close to sitting up, but not quiet there yet.  He is also very close to rolling over.  One of his favorite things to do now is grab his toes.  It's cute, unless you are trying to change his diaper.  He loves to sleep on his side with his pacifier in his mouth and his blanket over his head.  He goes to bed super easy, but is still not sleeping all night.  Hopefully that will happen soon!  So, happy 5 months from Batman and Captain America.

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