Friday, August 30, 2013

Better Late Than Never, Right?

So I'm just a little behind in posting these.  They were taken on time, but we were having too much fun during the summer, then school started and I got a little lazy.  Better late than never, right?

9 Months
Asher has bee crawling EVERYWHERE.  He also pulls up on EVERYTHING.  He loves to get into the closets when the doors are open and I think the bathroom is his favorite place to place.  He is still such a happy little guy and a joy to be around.  He rarely cries and usually has a smile on his face.  He still does not sleep all night, but has given us a few nights here and there that are better than they have been.  Annika remains his favorite person but his dad is a close second.  Table food was introduced to him and there is no turning back.  Food is his friend.  He will try everything and has liked most everything as well.  He is so mobile now and does not want to sit for these pictures.  It was so very hard to keep him from falling off the chair!
9 Month Stats:  23 lbs 28 3/4 in long

10 Months
One thing I have noticed in the past month is Asher is really starting to play with things more.  Of course it's not for a long period of time, but he does have favorites.  He loves music and will dance when he hears is.  He started noticing the TV, especially if Annika is sitting on the floor watching.  He is starting to stand without holding onto anything and has taken a few steps.  He still wants nothing to do with sitting still and these were harder to take than last month.  I have more blurry pictures than good ones.  He didn't have a doctor appt. this month but I weighed him and he weighs 24.5 pounds.

I finally gave up and just put the sticker on the back. 

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