Friday, February 28, 2014

State Champs Part 2

Last Friday, Derek's team went to Topeka to compete in the state meet.  On paper they were supposed to come in third.  But soon it was apparent his boys were swimming great and they ended up winning the whole meet!  Annika, Asher and I packed up and got there with about 3 events left, which was two events too many for Asher!  I was so glad we could be there to see him win.  It's been a long season filled with ups and downs, and for them to end on this high note was fantastic.  I am very proud of the hard work he does for this boys in the pool but most importantly how had he works with his kids out of the pool.  Derek's team won in 2011, which makes this the second time he has won, and hopefully as the kids get older they get to see it again, because Asher had no clue and Annika thought the best thing that happened was her Daddy jumping into the pool with all of his clothes on!

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