Sunday, July 27, 2014


Since Asher isn't old enough to do all the things Annika does he just gets dragged along for the ride.  But as long as he can be around us, especially Annika, he is happy.

We bought a watermelon and just put it in the fridge and didn't think anymore about it.  Until we came into the kitchen and found Asher eating it.  On the floor.  With his hands.  
We are fortunate and can go to the pool where Derek coaches as much as we want.  Asher LOVES the water and isn't really afraid.  He spends a lot of time jumping in, climbing out, running to the side, and jumping in again.

Oh salsa.  Asher loves salsa.  Actually sauce of any kind.  He will take a chip and fill it with salsa then just he that.  He will continue this until the chip is flimsy and won't hold any more salsa.  Then the chip gets put down and he grabs a new one.  
Watching soccer and cheering for USA!
At the beginning of the summer nap time was a struggle.  We didn't have darkening shades on the windows so Asher seemed to think naps were optional.  Often we would find him like this.
On one of the days were Asher was supposed to be napping, he decided to play with baby powder.  He has on a dark navy shirt and dark blue jeans.  Not that you can tell.  Take a look at his room here.

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