Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This week has been one of the hardest weeks that we have ever faced.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we noticed that Thor had lump on his paw that turned out to be cancer.  One of his digits needed to be amputated, which he adapted to, but after a few weeks, new lumps appeared.  After fighting infection and watching him lose weight, diminished energy, and increased pain level, we made the heart-wrenching decision to put him to sleep.  The anticipation was bad.  The realization was so much worse.  For ten years, this smart, beautiful, neurotic creature was part of our family, and we loved him dearly.  He was a presence in our house, sauntering between the living room and kitchen.  Laying under our coffee table or on our bed at night.  Even sick and wasted, his presence filled our house.  But knowing he was in pain and the cancer continuing to grow and eat away at his body, we knew this was the right decision, but damn it hurts.  Its hard to imagine what life will be like without him.  Of course, we will, but for so long, we've had to take care of, put away, check up on, chase after, love, hug, lay on, get licked by, wrestle with, walk with, and sit with him.  So many memories include him.  He brought so much happiness and love to our lives, and taught us to be better.  We love him, and miss him.

            Santa and his elf get ready for Christmas.
Who's spot is it? that's right, mine...

Let's share!
He put up with a lot...
Happy New Years!

 Help! This white plastic devil has trapped me!

Toys are awesome!

 Jungle gym

Saying goodbye

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