Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Date

May is so busy for us, with the end of the year school stuff, Girls EKL and State, Graduation, etc,  our Date Night was a little more simple and subdued.  We went out to Legends and went shopping for some shoes and clothes.  Since we had a gift card, we went over to Chili's for dinner.  We hadn't been in so long, and it was interesting, they had these touch screens on the table that we could order from, play games (if we paid a small fee) and eventually, pay our bill.  Regardless, it was a nice meal, but as we sat and ate, dark clouds started rolling in.  Since the original date idea had been to get dinner and hang out outside on picnic/hiking, we had to switch gears and went to see the Avengers.  While we were inside the theater, the wind picked up, the rain started coming down harder, and we were under a Flash Flood warning.  It was the beginning of May, and just the start of a major rainy season.  Luckily, it let up do just a drizzle long enough for us to get to our car, getting just a little damp.  Then, the sky opened up and dumped on us, just as we got to our car.  Unfortunately, it didn't let up this time, and so I began the long crawl home, barely able to see, having to slow down for the majority of the drive, what should have taken us 20 minutes to get home, took over an hour.  The date, fun, the drive, not so much.

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