Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Holiday Activities

We have built up several Christmas traditions over the last few years.  The first is our Elf on the Shelf, Curtis.  He comes just after Thanksgiving and hangs out with us, sometimes to the chagrin of us parents.  Another thing we do is a Book Advent Event Thing, where we wrap 25 books and every day in December, the kids get to choose one of the books to open and then we read it before bed that day.  Now that the kids are old enough, we have gotten gingerbread houses, though this year it was a gingerbread train :).  It's messy, but the kids have lots of fun.  They love to make things.  Another thing we did this year was bake and decorate cookies.  Again, messy, but lots of fun for the kids to work with their hands and make something.  Theoretically, the cookies were for Santa, but since Santa is not a big fan of the type of cookies, the kids and Monica enjoyed them and we ended up buying butter cookies for him to eat.
Ready to start the season!

Ginger train!

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