Sunday, March 20, 2016

Annika's 6th Birthday

Annika's 6th Birthday was on a Friday, so she got to celebrate at school, that's where the crown is from. As we've discussed many times, her favorite show is American Ninja Warrior, so for her party, we found a place called Urban Air that was a combination trampoline park and obstacle course.  It was a blast!  
She loves Legos, and we got her all but one of the Scooby Doo line, which became the first sets that she put together on her own.  Grandma Beazie sent her a Moustakas shirt, her favorite player!

Scooby Doo Legos!



For Christmas this year, we decided to get the kids costumes.  They love to dress up with our old costumes from years past, so we started to find deals where could and found Darth Vader, Hulk, Stormtrooper, Captain America, Spider-man, Superman, a witch, a fireman, and several new princess dresses.The kids had so much fun dressing up over break.  Periodically, they'll come out of their room in one costume or another :)

Christmas Continued

We went down to Carthage to have the second Christmas with Jacque and the boys.  The kids had lots of fun, getting a new mask, a hammock, and lots of candy.  They had lots of fun and got lots of presents.

Raaaawwrrr! Ra, Rar!

Horseyback rides!

That's how you sit on a hammock, right?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Christmas morning!  The kids usually get up early, Asher's typical timeframe is between 5:30-6am, and on Christmas morning he has a tendency to wake her up as well.  the kids slept until about 6:30, we had the baby gate up so they couldn't get into the living room without us, which gave us time to get into place to take pictures of their reactions.  They are both in ages that made it fun to watch their reactions as they discovered the Paw patrol, Frozen, art supplies, Playhouse, Shopkins, and other things they had on their list. Jan, Greg, and Kristen came over early, and we all opened our presents under the tree.  Afterward, we enjoyed breakfast and hung out and played with all the new toys. 

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve, we head over to Jan and Greg's for dinner and Christmas Eve church service.  This was the first year that we didn't have to wait for UPS, so we decided to do lunch instead and then headed back to the house after church to get ready for Santa.  It was unusually warm, which made it good for pictures, but still would have liked some snow.  Santa was very good this year, bringing the kids lots of things they asked for on their list.

Cookies and Beer.  Santas favorite.

Santa brings them a playhouse for the yard, something Annika was asking for months.

Art kits, shopkins, Frozen, and Paw Patrol. Santa covered it all...