Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We took Annika to the pumpkin patch again this year and it was so much fun!  She is big enough to run around an play and even helped pick out our pumpkin.  It was such a great morning for all of us.  I love doing this and look forward to it every year.  

Running towards the pumpkins!
She had never been in hay before.  She wasn't sure what to think.
The hay was stacked so the kids could climb.
Annika loved this, of course.
She didn't like how it felt on her hand but so she
just started jumping on it.
She had a great time!
She was saying, "Cheese!" 
Love her. 
Thinking about jumping to Dad.
Getting ready to jump.
She did this about 10 times!
Trying to see how tall. 
I took around 15 pictures.
These were as close as we came.
She is about 3 pumpkins tall!
Showing Annika what to do.
Cute little pumpkin!
She LOVED this bridge.
She would run across it over and over!
Trying to get a good picture of her and Derek.  
Climbing.  Big surprise!
Looking at the pig.

Feeding the pigs. 
She was making her pig noise here!
Not quite sure of the pigs after all.
An unsuccessful attempt to get a picture of Annika
looking at the camera.
She almost fell off and we were both laughing.
She thought sitting on the pumpkin was quite fun.
I love her pigtails!
Watching Derek as he was getting our pumpkin.
She wanted the pumpkin for herself!
Trying to hold it all by herself.
She was only holding Derek's hand because this was a hill.
As soon as they go down, she let go!
Again on the bridge!
She stopped to look at the tractor driving by.

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