Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!  We really were not sure if what we wanted to do on Halloween but once we saw how much Annika liked picking out her candy at Deanna Rose, we thought we would try trick-or-treating.  I'm so glad we did!  She LOVED knocking on the door and then getting candy.  She would not even let us carry her basket and kept saying, "No!  Mine!"  This was one of the best nights we have had with Annika and I can't wait for many more fun Halloweens!

Playing with Belinda.
She knocked on every door. 
Picking out her candy bar.
She was so excited, she didn't want to wait for us.
Ready to get to the next house!
She walked up to this house and stopped when she saw the
 skeleton on the door.  It was talking and making noise.
 I asked her if she was going to knock on the door she
 said, "no" and then turned around and walked away.
Ready to walk to the next house.
We had to stop to try a piece of chocolate!
Happy now that she has had a treat!
Great ending to a great night!

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