Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shatto Farm Day

 A local dairy farm had an open day event, where people could tour the facilities, pet the new calves, even milk a cow by hand!  They definitely treat their animals right, for them to be that comfortable around so many people.  After the hour long drive north, we got to the farm just as a rain storm rolled in.  The calves, she loved, but the big cows were a little much for her, so we made our way to the free samples tent.  Their products are a little expensive, but Shatto Farms milk is definitely the best around, and their flavored milk is amazing!  Coffee milk and root beer milk are the favorites (taste like iced coffee and root beer floats, respectively, and again, if you've never tried it, they are worth hunting down in the grocery stores).  We ended the day with finding our new favorite pizza joint, not far from our house, that also sold large, yummy cookies.

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