Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 year old Vocabulary Lessons and Wisdom

Annika's vocabulary has really taken off in the last year, and many times we have to figure out what she is saying, and sometimes, we know exactly what she's saying, and it's fun to hear her say it the way she does :)
For posterity, Monica and I thought we should write down the words that Annika has used in this past year so we don't forget them.

B'byes= pacifier
Penciper= temperature
Ambidal= animal
Ottopus= platypus
Her Pirate= toy eyepatch
Pack-Pack= backpack
Naroccas= Maracas

'Ana and I both have January's! She has a January! and I have a January too!'  = we both have birthdays in January :)

'I don't like Breakfast.  I like chips'
'I'm not a big girl, I'm a tiny little person'
'I just tooted.  I'm full of toots.'

'Mom, I smell something.' Yes, Annika, I'm making muffins.  'No, I think Asher pooped.  It smells bad.'

Watching Family Guy and they were recreating the Nativity scene with Lois as Mary, Peter as Joseph, and Stewie as Baby Jesus.  She said, 'Look, it's Mary, the Baby Jesus, and God!'

Monica was changing Asher and covered him with a peepee teepee.  When she turned to grab a wipe, she heard Annika, 'Mom!  Asher's party hat fell off his butt!'

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