Sunday, January 13, 2013

3 Months

We took Asher for his 3 month pictures today.  He wasn't really into it and didn't want to smile much.  But, the photographer got one really great pic and we love it.  It's hard to believe he is 3 months old.  It feels like he has been here forever.  I don't have his stats because he doesn't go back to the doctor until 4 months.  But we did have a busy month.  He celebrated his first Christmas, which of course he loved.  He started sleeping a little longer at night, which is nice, but still not sleeping all night.  He usually wakes up around 3:00, eats pretty quickly, then back to sleep until around 6:00.  We moved him from his basinet in our room to his crib, which means he is now sharing a room with Annika.  That is actually going really great.  He has started smiling a ton and laughing.  He loves it when Annika plays with him and she can always make him laugh.  Happy 3 months Asher!

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