Sunday, July 7, 2013

Zoo Part 1

After our day at The Children's Museum, we spent the next day at the zoo.  We got there first thing and stayed all day.  Annika was very demanding that she saw the giraffes first.  So that's where we headed. She was a little scared at first, and didn't understand that the animals were not going to come and bite her.  This comes from the last time we were at Deanna Rose Farm.  You can feed the animals and Annika got a little too close to the chickens and one bit her finger.  From that point on, she does not want anything to do with animals other than a dog.  So, we stayed away and made sure she knew she was safe and by the time we moved away from the giraffes, she was good.  

Annika brought her camera into the zoo and wanted to take her own pictures.
Waving to the giraffe.

The next thing Annika wanted to see was the monkeys.  On our way, there was a spot where you could feed the fish.  Annika thought this was one of the greatest things ever.  She completely forgot about the monkeys and she didn't want to stop throwing in the food.  I guess being up so far with no chance of getting bitten made her a little more brave!  

She loved how all the fish would swim to one spot to try and get the food.  She would giggle and then throw more into the water.

The next stop was the seal lions.  We could hear them way before we saw them and Annika was very interested in what was making all the noise.  She was only interested in them for about a minute, because right next to them was a little park.  Of course we had to stop and play!

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