Friday, July 26, 2013

Zoo Part 3

After visiting the bears, we went to go grab some lunch.  We did eat real lunch, not just ice cream, but that wasn't as fun!

After lunch we went to see the gorillas.  They had a huge exhibit and you could see a lot.  Annika like this but was starting to get tired and was asleep soon after we left.

With Annika asleep, we decided to stop and sit for awhile.  We found an area that had turtles and of course, Asher had to climb all over them.  

The next stop was the aquarium and boy was this fun!  Both kids were mesmerized by the fish and loved it all!  Well, maybe Annika didn't love the sharks, but Derek sure did!  We tried to get a picture with Asher, but he wouldn't look away from the fish!

The last stop of the day was at the Butterfly Pavilion.  This was pretty neat.  We went in and there were a ton of butterflies everywhere.  Annika isn't too fond of bugs and this was not her favorite, but I think it was one of mine.  Some of the butterflies were beautiful!

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