Thursday, July 30, 2015

Swim Team

 We decided to sign Annika up for swim team this year on Derek's team.  I knew she could swim, but was very nervous about how she would interact with the other kids.  The first day she cried and wouldn't get in the pool  The second day  I had to go with her and sit on the deck and she did great.  Slowly she started gaining confidence and by the end of the second week she didn't need me to come anymore and was having a blast.  She went from swimming in the smaller pool to swimming the length of the bigger pool in the deep end.  She competed in three meets, and winning two of her heats in the second meet.  She swam in the championship meet at one of the high schools and wasn't fazed by the deep end that was way over her head or the blocks that were almost taller than her.  But what I loved the most about the season was her confidence.  Not just with swimming but with her ability to be around new people.  She was having just as much fun playing with the other kids as she was swimming.  We are so beyond proud of how hard she worked and cannot wait to see what she wants to do next!

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