Friday, July 31, 2015

Vacation Stop #1

After swim season wrapped up we headed out of town for vacation.  Our first stop was to spend some time with Chuck and Sandra in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We borrowed some DVD players, loaded up the iPads and got ready for a very long drive.  Thankfully, Jan was going up then too so about half way the kids got into the car with her, which they enjoyed more than driving with us!  I always enjoy spending some time on the Korsmoe's farm and I was looking forward to seeing the kids run free on all the land.  Not only did they run, they got to sit on the horse, swim, have amore's, and play with sparklers.  The first night we were there Annika asked Grandma if she they could build a fire pit and have smore's so the next day they went out, gathered rocks, and built their own pit.  After dinner we headed out and have a lovely night of smore's and sparklers.  Annika also had a blast helping Grandma do chores in the barn.  We all had a good time and always look forward to going back.

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