Friday, January 8, 2010

She's Here!

At 3:49pm Jan 8, 2010 Annika Faith Berg was born at Overland Park Regional.


karenh said...

Congrats! That's great! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! How big was she? The pictures make her look pretty big. So glad that she is here.

Hope to meet her some day soon...and see you again, Monica :)

Belinda Smith said...

Welcome Annika!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! We can't wait to meet her!!! I think she has a swimmer's body!! :)

All our love and blessings,

Kris, Belinda, Haley, & Harrison Smith

MJStump said...

Thanks for posting pics! I have been checking the blog like a crazy

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Derek it looks like your practicing for holding her paid off...what a natural!

Monica, seeing you touch her face brought tears to my eyes..she is your beautiful little girl :)

You guys will be such awesome parents!


Amber said...

Monica, What a big baby girl....She has a gorgeous complexion. Did you end up having that c-section. I had 2 and it looked like the view behind the blue sheet pic was a c-section pic. I'm sure you are just glad she is here safely. Good luck these next few weeks and ENJOY!

Tracy said...

Welcome to the world, Annika! Congratulations, Derek and Monica. The fun has just begun. You will make wonderful parents...she is blessed to have you.