Sunday, December 25, 2011

1st Haricut

Annika desperately needed a haircut.  At least in the back.  She had a really good mullet going on, but it was time to get her hair under control.  So we went over to Sheer Madness for her first hair cut.  She got to sit in a cute purple jeep and watch a movie while the wonderful, patient hairdresser cut her hair.  I must admit, I was shocked that there were no tears.  She did great!  And even though we cut off some of her curls (they will grow back!) I think her hair looks so much better!

Sitting in her Jeep and watching Elmo.
Getting the cape on.  Still more interested in the movie.
See the bump & bruise?  More on that later.
Having a blast!
She didn't even seem to notice someone was
messing with her hair.
Again, loving this Jeep!
She did a great job!
All done!
It looks so much better!
No more mullet!
So cute!

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