Sunday, December 25, 2011

Scary Night

It's well established that Annika bumps her head a lot.  On Wednesday, she fell, as normal, and got a knot on her forehead, again normal, but a couple hours later, she threw up, abnormal, but our only thought was that she was catching a bug.  After her nap, she threw up again, very abnormal, and both of us had the same thought at the same time: concussion.  We called our doctor and spoke to a friend of ours who is a pediatrician, both recommended that we take her in to Children's Mercy to get a CT.  So, we did, and they were great.  We got a CT, but unfortunately she wouldn't stay still enough for a clear picture, so they had to sedate her, which is by far the scariest thing that we have ever had to face, as she has never had to be sedated before, watching your child be sedated and wonder if she'll have a bad reaction and not wake up, we've had some scares before, but that has been the worst.  Luckily, the CT was clear, and the doctor was sure that it was either a minor concussion or a coincidental stomach flu.  5 hours later, we finally got her home and in bed and she was able to have a great Christmas!

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