Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dress

Derek's mom bought Annika a beautiful dress for Christmas.  We were going to have her wear it when we went to church on Christmas Eve, but we didn't end up going because I got sick.  So, we put her in the dress when we went to Jan and Greg's on Christmas night.  I love that the weather was warm enough that she didn't need a coat, just her cute hat.  Trying to get a 23 month old to stand still, especially around all her new toys, is quite challenging.  I did get a couple of good ones of her smiling, but I kind of like the one of her crying!
Getting ready to leave.
Waiting patiently for Daddy.
Isn't her dress beautiful?
It's just too cute not to post!
She is saying, "Cheese!"
So pretty.  

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