Friday, December 30, 2011


Annika loves her trampoline.  She loves to bounce on it but she also loves to eat her snacks on it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPod & Papa

 We got Greg an iPod for Christmas and when we were over visiting, Annika wanted to hear the music he had downloaded.  Pretty Cute!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dress

Derek's mom bought Annika a beautiful dress for Christmas.  We were going to have her wear it when we went to church on Christmas Eve, but we didn't end up going because I got sick.  So, we put her in the dress when we went to Jan and Greg's on Christmas night.  I love that the weather was warm enough that she didn't need a coat, just her cute hat.  Trying to get a 23 month old to stand still, especially around all her new toys, is quite challenging.  I did get a couple of good ones of her smiling, but I kind of like the one of her crying!
Getting ready to leave.
Waiting patiently for Daddy.
Isn't her dress beautiful?
It's just too cute not to post!
She is saying, "Cheese!"
So pretty.  

Christmas Afternoon

After Annika took a good nap on Christmas, she got up and wanted to play with her toys.  As you can see, she wanted to play inside her dolls pack and play and then ride in the stroller.  I'm sure glad Santa got sturdy toys since Annika likes to climb!  As you can also see, our house was a bit of a disaster.  We didn't care one bit because Annika was so happy.  It really was a great day!

Amazing Weather

The weather we had on Christmas day was amazing.  So amazing that when Annika wanted to go outside and pet the neighbors dog, all she needed was a hat and some shoes.  I love that she is in her PJ's, boots, and hat, and she doesn't care at all.  By the way, the super cute hat was made by her Aunt Kristen.  

Christmas Morning

Annika woke up Christmas morning ready to see what Santa brought her.  She was pretty quiet and not really sure what was going on, but once she saw the toys for her baby doll, and her Mickey Mouse, she was pretty happy.  We let her play with her doll toys then she got to open her stocking.  Just like the night before, she really only wanted to play with the toys and didn't care about opening the presents.  After the stocking, she got one of her favorite presents.  A trampoline from Grandma Glenda!  She LOVED it.  We let her bounce on that for awhile until Derek's family got to our house.  Once everyone got here we opened the rest of the presents and just let Annika play.  It was a great morning.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Getting ready for Santa to visit.  We left cookies and beer, because Santa loves beer!

Christmas Part 1

On Christmas Eve we headed to Derek's parents and Annika got to open a few of her presents.  Her favorite of the night was a Disney Princess Bell doll.  She didn't want to have anything to do with any other present until the doll was out of the package.  She also got a fun Elmo toy, some books, a new baby doll, and a super cute hat that her Aunt Kristen made her.  She is a lucky girl!


We took Annika to see Santa twice this year.  I fully expected her to cry and scream, but that didn't happen at all.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but then loved it.  She knows Santa says, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" but that's about it.  The first time we went, Annika and I were with Derek's mom Jan at the mall.  She did so great we decided to go again so Derek could see her.  She did great both times!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Scary Night

It's well established that Annika bumps her head a lot.  On Wednesday, she fell, as normal, and got a knot on her forehead, again normal, but a couple hours later, she threw up, abnormal, but our only thought was that she was catching a bug.  After her nap, she threw up again, very abnormal, and both of us had the same thought at the same time: concussion.  We called our doctor and spoke to a friend of ours who is a pediatrician, both recommended that we take her in to Children's Mercy to get a CT.  So, we did, and they were great.  We got a CT, but unfortunately she wouldn't stay still enough for a clear picture, so they had to sedate her, which is by far the scariest thing that we have ever had to face, as she has never had to be sedated before, watching your child be sedated and wonder if she'll have a bad reaction and not wake up, we've had some scares before, but that has been the worst.  Luckily, the CT was clear, and the doctor was sure that it was either a minor concussion or a coincidental stomach flu.  5 hours later, we finally got her home and in bed and she was able to have a great Christmas!