Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Fibber

We have these magnetic letters that go on our fridge that go with a 'reader' that she can put them into and get the sound of the letter and it sings the Alphabet Song, which she now has memorized.  It was a hit for a while when Monica and I were cooking or washing dishes.  These have been a staple on the fridge door for the past year.
Last night, we noticed they were gone.
Today, Monica asked Annika if she knew where the letters were.  The following conversation took place.
Monica: Where did the letters go?
Annika: I don't want to talk about it.
M: Where are they?
A: (points to the laundry room)
M: In the laundry room?
A: (shakes her head) Thor.
M: (checks Thors' bag of dogfood, thinking she put them in there while she was 'helping' feed the dogs.  No letters there either)
A: No, Thor's mouth.
M: Thor ate them?
M: Thor did not eat them.
A: Maybe Rynka?
M: Rynka ate 26 plastic pieces.
         (Rynka is our 30 lb Puggle, if I stacked up all the letters, I think it would be larger than she is)
M: Rynka did not eat them.  Are they in your room?
A: Uh-huh.
Which began a fruitless scavenger hunt through the house as Annika lead Monica to about 5 different places in the house where the letters turned out not to be.  Finally, Monica decided to look in our cooler in the corner of the living room.
M: Are they in here?  (shaking it, plastic rattling prominantly)
A: (shakes her head) No. (nods) Yes.
M: Did you put them in here?
A: Yes.
M: Why are they here and not on the fridge?
A: Just want to.

It was a pretty comical exchange.  I'm glad I was holding Asher and was able to laugh quietly. :)

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