Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Program

Annika's school had their annual Thanksgiving program last week.  For the program, each classroom got up and sang a few songs they had been practicing.  When it was Annika's turn she came out, stood on the stage, put her hands in her mouth, and nothing.  She looked around at everyone but didn't sing through the first song.  She did sing a little during the second, but never did the actions.  This is better than what I was expecting.  She is pretty shy right now so I was halfway expecting her to start crying on the stage.  So since she didn't do that, I consider this program a success!  After, her teacher gave her a sucker, which turned her mouth blue!  She thought that was fun.  Then we moved on to the dinner.  This is where all of her shyness went away and she ran around like a crazy kiddo with all of her friends.  She told us later that she had so much fun and that is all that is important!

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