Monday, April 29, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Within the past week or so, Asher has started scooting all over the place.  It helps that we have hardwood floors, which makes the scooting process much easier.  It was getting close to bedtime and I needed to make Asher's bottle.  I thought it would be safe to lay him down on his bedroom floor while I went into the kitchen to get the bottle ready.  While in the kitchen I heard Asher begin to fuss a little.  Not surprising since it was time to eat.  So I finished up in the kitchen and headed back to the bedroom.  By this time he was quite.  I assumed he found a toy to play with.  Nope.  He found his reflection.  Anytime he would look away from the mirror towards me, he would cry.  But, then he would look back and start laughing.  It really was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  I love this picture.  It captures this moment so well, but, it also shows just how happy Asher is.  Even stuck under his crib, he is smiling.  This pretty much sums up this little guy.  Happy and smiling.  

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