Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Months

Hard to believe Asher is a year old!  He is now completely off formula (yay!) and drinking milk, mostly out of a sippy cup.  He still wants a bottle right before bed, but now can make it all night without one.  He still isn't sleeping all night, but he will usually go back to sleep in about 5 minutes.  He is starting to understand more what we are saying and using sign language to communicate with us.  He is acting more and more like a little person than a baby, which makes me sad.  He is happy most of the time, but when he is hungry, tired, or wants something, he can become upset very quickly!  Annika is still one of his favorites but his Daddy is up high on the list.  He loves to play and will do so from the moment we get home until it is time for bed.  He walks everywhere now and is actually getting close to running.  
This year has gone by so fast but it has been great.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to when he was born and do it all over again.  But, then he does something that is pretty fun for a 1 year old and it makes me love where we are and look forward to him getting bigger.
12 Month Stats:  25 lbs  29 inches long

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