Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Halloween Part 1

We had a lot of fun with Halloween this year.  A local artist shoppe had a Pumpkin Painting session, so we bought a couple of pumpkins and headed over.  The kids really got into it, mixing the paints, and colors in really cool ways.  Annika painted a KC for the Royals because they were playing in the playoffs and had won the night before.  We were not really sure what Asher was painting, but he knew, so you can see what the results were.
Later that afternoon, we got dressed up in the Halloween costumes and hit up Spookfest at Science City again.  The kids loved playing and messing around with the exhibits.  There was a costume contest.  While both kids were very cute, Annika's division had a couple of very good costumes, but Asher took his age group again with his Wizard!

Ready to paint!

Finished product.

Leonardo doesn't need her sword to kick some butt!

Getting ready for Spookfest!

Learning and exercising at the same time.

Magic! Magic!

You can't stop a Ninja Turtle in Tug of War!

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