Friday, January 15, 2016


This Fall, my colleagues at Olathe East decided to do a family day at a Royals game.  Thankfully, we have a connection to the Royals through my swim team, so I contacted him to hook us up with tickets and we took the kids to their first Royals game.  They loved playing with the other kids in the tailgate before hand, and after about 4 1/2 innings (1 1/2 innings longer than we expected) we headed to the Kids Zone to play at the Little K.  We met up with Annika's friend Beckett and they had a blast, running the bases and playing on the equipment.  They thought the crowd cheers were great and Annika discovered her favorite player, Mike 'Moose' Moustakas.  
We heard 'Let's Go Royals!'  and 'MOOOOOOSE!'  cheers for weeks afterward :)
Of course, the Royals went on an exciting run, ending in winning the World Series.  We had a lot of baseball on TV at our house from June through November, and we even woke up Annika to watch the winning celebration that late Sunday Night.  Since it had been 30 years since last one, when the parade was announced, we decided that we would take Annika to see it.  The school districts called a Blue Snow Day, making it even easier.  We got lucky on our way downtown and caught a bus early, and had to battle the 1 million Fan crowd, but what a memory.  Seeing the look on Annika's face when Moose drove by made all the standing around, walking, and claustrophobia worth it.

Seeing the field for the first time.

Let's Go Roy-als!


Beckett and Annika waiting in line for the Little K.

On deck: Annika Berg!

Royals Win!

Waiting for the bus for the Royals Parade.

Blue October in Downtown KC

It's crowded, but having a great time...


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