Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Halloween Part 2 & 3

For Halloween, both kids were very excited.  That morning, we headed down to the Prairie Village Shoppes, the closest thing to a downtown area we have.  We met with a handful of Annika's classmates around to area, the businesses handed out candy. Even the liquor store got into it, giving a treat to the parents with a sample of beer or wine.  Mom and Dad met us later on that day, and we headed to a neighborhood not far from our house, but with better sidewalks.  The Royals were playing Game 4 that night, so many houses that were giving out candy had TV's set up in their garages or driveways, so we were able to check the score for the first couple of innings before the kids filled up their pumpkins with candy (that monica and I had *very* little).
While the Royals did not fare so well, the night was a success.

Annika, Maddie, Paige

A Spider! AHHHH!

'C'mon An'ka!  Let's Frick and Treat!'

Getting ready to Trick or Treat with Grandma and Papa.  And no, your color is not off, she has purple converse to go with her Donatello mask :)

One of the best sights of the night.

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