Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Morning!

Asher is not known for his sleeping qualities, often arising before the sun, usually around 5:30 or so.  We were preparing to be up early on Christmas morning.  Fortunately for my parents and us, they slept in until almost 6:30.  Mom, Dad, and Kristen got to our house just as the kids were getting up, and got to experience the kids running out of their bedroom to discover what Santa had left in the night.  We opened all of the presents, Santa and family gifts, enjoyed coffee and breakfast, and then relaxed as the kids played with EVERYTHING!  They were so excited, they couldn't decide which one to play with, so they played with it all, bouncing from one toy to another every few minutes.  It made for a chaotic and messy, but altogether lovely day.
The Joy of Christmas!

Thanking mom!

Star Wars!  (his third favorite thing)
Getting Papa to to help open toys...
Defending the earth with Captain America's shield!

Showing her Pirate face while wearing her new Cap'n Hook costume!  Now someone can be Peter, and the other can be Hook!  Very exciting...

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