Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

As we get ready for a new year I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year.  2014 has been a pretty great year for all of us and I am looking forward to 2015 to see what it brings us.
Starting the beginning of the year, Asher still wasn't sleeping through the night and beginning in the spring he had multiple ear infections.  Enough where our doctor referred him to a specialist and he had surgery for tubes in July.  Two days later he was sleeping all night!  The year also saw Asher become his own person and oh man what a person he is!  He is in the middle of his terrible twos, he bites when frustrated, and loves to say no.  That being said, he is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle, loves to play with his sister, and loves to watch Frozen.  He is smart, fearless, and he brings laughter to our day everyday!  
This year we have seen Annika move from a toddler to a little girl.  She is stubborn and absolutely knows what she wants.  But she is kind, sweet, and sensitive.  She loves to play with her baby dolls, princesses, and dress up clothes, but she also loves superheroes, playing swords with her dad, Peter Pan (still),  and Star Wars.  She is thriving at her daycare and learning so much.  She is more than ready for kindergarten and would start now if she could.  She is hilarious and being around her is the most fun ever.
Derek had a great year with his boys swim team.  They won state, making this the second time in his 7 years at BVN.  His girls team did great as well and I think he enjoyed that season more than others. Once again he coached the summer team and again it was a great experience for him.  He loves getting to coach and it's a nice fun environment to do so.  
My year was pretty good as well.  School was the same as usual and I taught summer school for a few weeks.  This fall I started tutoring and teaching math once a week after school, and while I hate being away from the kids, I love getting to work with different students and teach math in a fun way.  
Derek and I also got a chance to go away for our 10 year anniversary.  We had a great friend loan us her families cabin for a week in Colorado and it was perfect.  We spent the week sleeping in, reading,  hiking, and just enjoying being around each other.
This year has been a good year for us all.  As I sit here typing this, the kids are in bed, Derek and I are catching up on some shows on our DVR and just enjoying being in each others company.  What a wonderful life we have.  We are so blessed.

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