Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Date Night #12

For December's Date Night, I planned an evening at the Oscars.  Or I guess Golden Globes.  There is a theater in town that offers what they call Fork and Screen theaters.  The tickets are a little bit more expensive but the seats are larger, with tables and servers, allowing us to have dinner and drinks during the movie.  We went to see Into the Woods, which is based on a musical that is based on a mash up of Fairy Tales.  It was good, and we had some good food.
Now that we have finished this year of dates, I have to say how much I have loved being a part of it.  A year ago, I planned six dates.  Said like that, it doesn't seem so significant, almost trivial, but having a dated planned ahead of time, intentional time with one another away from the kids, often doing things we haven't done before or finding new ways to experience things we had in the past.  This experience has brought me closer to Monica in a way that I never could have predicted.  I mean, it was 12 dates.  We've been on hundreds of dates throughout the years.  But spending that time together, the anticipation of seeing what Monica came up with for the months that she had, to see what her reaction would be when she saw what I had planned.  I loved all of it.  I love spending time with her.   I love being her husband.  I love that woman.  I love exploring the world with her.  These last 12 months have been exciting, fun, and enlightening.  I can't wait to see what we plan for each other in the next 12.

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