Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Early Christmas

This year, Jacque and Matt decided to take the boys skiing in Colorado for Christmas this year, so we went down to Carthage a couple of weeks before to have our family Christmas before they went on their trip.  We started the weekend off by watching Zeke wrestle (he won all 4 matches) on Saturday.  Then we packed in and went to Springfield to watch Glenda's choir perform their Christmas show.  The kids loved to watch Grandma sing, but the show was too close to their bed times, so we had to bail out early and headed back to Grandma's house.  We woke up on Sunday, opened presents, and enjoyed a good brunch.  Asher got a scooter, some Batman toys, and a Little People set.  Annika got a sewing machine (she made a pillow), some dress up accessories, and a dog guitar (it's exactly as annoying as it sounds).  It was great to spend time with family.

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