Monday, December 31, 2012

How Things Change

As 2012 comes to a close, Derek and I are sitting watching a movie.  I'll probably fall asleep within the hour and he will probably stay up til past midnight.  Not to watch the ball drop.  But playing his new Playstation 3 of course!  We will get up at least twice with Asher and possibly with Annika too.  We will most likely be up by 6:00 or 6:30 to start the day, ready or not.  
In college I never spent a New Year's Eve at home.  Our first year married we were in Mexico and up most of the night at a great party the hotel had.    But now, with two kids, we ate at home, put Asher to bed early, played with Annika, I laid on her floor to help her sleep her first night without her b'byes, and am now curled up writing on the blog and looking forward to some sleep.  Derek and I talked about going to get some beer.  But that never happened.  We were too busy playing, resting, sledding, to worry about what to drink after the kids were asleep.  
It's funny how things change.  Not only from college to now.  But in just a year.  A year ago we didn't have Asher.  We were not even thinking of having another baby.  We were so pleasantly surprised when it happened.  I never thought I would love having a boy as much as I do.  He has a whole different part of my heart than Annika does.  Annika has had so much of it in the past three years, I thought it would be hard to love someone as much as I love her.  I'm glad my heart is big enough for each of my children to have parts of it.  
This was a difficult year for me in many ways.  My pregnancy was not always the easiest.  I was sick just about everyday.  Even up until the night before we had him.  I went into true labor a month before my due date.  But, because I never dilated, there was nothing anyone could do.  I was put on bed rest a few times to stop contractions.  I stopped working early because I was having too many contractions.  I couldn't do many of the things I wanted to do with Annika because of these things.  That was probably more difficult than anything.  But, even after all of that, I would not change the fact that Asher is here.  He completed our family and I look forward to seeing him grow this next year.  But, I must say, I miss sleep.  I have gotten less sleep in this past year than any other in my life.  And as much as I love my kids.  Not sleeping enough sucks.  But as I laid with Annika tonight I tried to think that sooner than I realize, they won't want to be around me as much, so I should try and enjoy this time where I am the comfort she needs to fall asleep at night.
Annika had a big year too.  She turned two in January and we had a big party for her.  She went through a not so fun biting stage, that thankfully she is through!  She stopped wearing diapers and handled that like a champ.  She started a new daycare in the fall and is so very happy there.  She also started taking gymnastic classes.  We enrolled her in a parent-tot class but she will be moving up to a different class after the new year.  She was so excited to get a little brother and loves him so much.  My love for her grew so much when Asher was born.  I didn't think it was possible to love her more.  But seeing her with him and seeing how well she handled all the changes makes me so proud to be her mother.  Her imagination is so huge and listening to her play is one of the most fun things to do.  She says the funniest things and everyday something new comes out of her mouth.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings.  I just hope it goes a little slower because she is growing up so fast!  
  Derek had a great year.  His swim teams did wonderful and his boys came in 2nd at state.  He is hoping for 1st this year, of course, but he does a great job with his kids and I love watching him on deck.  He worked with a new swim team this summer and loved it.  It was perfect for him and our family.  I think as long as they will have him, he will be there.  He had a lot to deal with this year with me being so sick most of the time.  He completely stepped up and took care of our family.  I'm lucky to have him.  Our kids are lucky to have him.
One big thing we did this year was make the trip up north for Derek's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  Pretty much the whole family was there and it was so much fun.  We were in the car a lot, but Annika did great thanks to her fascination with Dora the Explorer and our DVD player.  I'm glad we were able to go and hope we can make it back up there again soon.

Things aren't perfect.  Far from it.  But I love my not so perfect life and wouldn't change a thing!
Here's hoping 2013 is just as wonderful as 2012 was.  Here's to peace, love, and happiness.

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